Connecting People With Respect and Tolerance.

Enabling and enhancing intercultural communication is what SIETAR Japan is all about.


Our Vision

SIETAR Japan values communication between cultures, whether at the interpersonal, organizational, or international level. We are committed to creating safe learning spaces in which people from all disciplines and walks of life can acknowledge, engage, and embrace our differences, with respect, acceptance and compassion.


Our Mission

As one of the oldest members of the global SIETAR organization, SIETAR Japan was founded in 1985 and has been active as an officially registered academic association (gakkai) since 2002.  An interdisciplinary organization, we combine research and practice in the field of intercultural communication, mainly involving intercultural exchanges, study abroad, language teaching, cross cultural management, global leadership, virtual teamwork and diversity training.  Our members are professionals from diverse backgrounds representing many nationalities and ethnicities, with a variety of education and/or work experiences in multicultural settings both in and outside of Japan.


At SIETAR Japan, we value diversity in all aspects of our lives and work. Since our establishment, we have been a gender equity organization. We are committed to ensuring an inclusive Japan by identifying pressing social issues for minority communities and using our expertise and positionalities to shed light on those issues, giving voice to the affected communities and providing support for change. We stand in opposition to all forms of discrimination and harassment while respecting human rights. We recognize the complexity in which social oppression impacts individuals in different ways and the importance of an intersectional framework.


In a world where change has become a constant, the need for new approaches in intercultural communication is a priority. SIETAR Japan aims to be creative, curious, and open so that we can continually evolve as a vibrant organization. Acknowledging and loosening the biases in society through education and reflection, SIETAR Japan aspires to act on its commitments.


Our members are:

SIETAR Japan welcomes all individuals and institutions interested in intercultural communication.


Our activities are:

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