SIETAR Japan is an independent organization. It is, however, part of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Resarch International Global Network which is a federation of SIETAR organizations around the wourld with non-government status at the UN.

The interrelationship is holographic. The parts are reflected in the whole while the whole is reflected in the parts. SIETAR may be an image of the future global community. While it consists of various societies, each society reflects a global ethos based on the intercultural perspective. This is an interactive, reciprocal network.

Being an autonomous local organization, SIETAR Japan pursues a local mission consisting of two main parts. One is to promote and facilitate intercultural communication education, training and research which is consonant with the outlook of SIETAR Global Network. This comprises monthly lectures, interest group, meetings, annual symposia, retreats, patries and other events where members interact and learn from one another as well as from guest speakers. The other is to promote and contribute to the development of an intercultural perspective within Japanese society as it internationalizes.

The global mission of SIETAR Japan is to provide a Japanese viewpoint that can contribute to and be intergrated with the overall dynamic and culturally synergistic philosophy of SIETAR International as a part is an element of an irreducible whole. This prompts SIETAR Japan to try to synthesize the ideas and visions emerging from Japanese society in order to present them in interculturally communicable forms.

Another important aspect of this global mission has to do with diposing of historical baggage arising from past relations between Japan and the rest of the world. Specifically, it involoves overcoming defensive and passive attitude towards the West and a determination to deal with unresolved issues concerning past Japanese aggressive actions towards other Asians. Realization of this mission is indipensable to Japan’s internationalization agenda and will enable Japan to become an equal partner with the other nations of the world in pursuit of world peace.

SIETAR JAPAN Newsletter, Summer 1996


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