Report of Workshop on April 21, 2018

Program: “Listening to our bodies: Jin Shin Jutsu Self-help, a self-management method for stress.”

Presenter: Sadaki Kato ,Representative, Jin Shin Jutsu Research Center in Japan. Acupuncturist.

Date&Time: April 21 2018, Saturday 17:00 – 19:00
Venue: Aoyama Gakuin
Language: Japanese

There are many stresses related to intercultural adjustment and intercultural communication: one might feel frustration, anger, and negative feelings when dealing with people who have a different value system. One might also feel helplessness and insecurity as one goes through culture shock. One might suffer from insomnia, depression and sadness in the new work environment. One might feel nervous before an important presentation. One might not know how to release fatigue and tension. Mr. Sadaki KATO shared with us some practical techniques to enhance our self-management competence and resilience through an Oriental medicine treatment method, called Jin Shin Jutsu.

Sadaki Kato is an official successor of Haruki Kato who was one of the two successors of Jiro Murai, founder of Jin Shin Jutsu. Mr. Kato continues to research on Jin Shin Jutsu, and practice Jin Shin Jutsu treatment. He also endeavors to spread Jin Shin Jutsu outside Japan and provides seminars around the world, including in the USA, Europe, and Brazil since 2014, collaborating with the JIN SHIN JYUTSU® headquarter in Scottsdale, Arizona.











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