Upcoming Program, October 15, 2021



Japanese Culture-Based Intercultural Business Training
~ Time to Localise to Maximise Learning ~


Presenter: Takashi KAWATANI

 DATE: October 15, 2021

TIME:  20:00~21:30

PEATIX:  https://japaneseculturebasedibt.peatix.com/


Please contact

Amey Kulkani, Program Director, with any questions.



Mr. KAWATANI Takashi (Tak) 河谷隆司 is a cross-cultural management consultant, who has conducted intercultural management and diversity training in 20 countries for Japanese firms and government bodies including the US Navy (Yokosuka) and the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

Since 1988, Tak has been exploring various ways to “Japanize” intercultural business training (ICT). From his experience, he has found that Japanese corporate/social values-based ICT achieves more excitement and ownership of Japanese business learners.

To localise the content, he suggests trainers must reflect upon the ultimate goal of training, learners’ dilemmas for global assignments, macro-economic challenges impacting their behaviours and have compassion for the decaying self-respect.

Specifically, trainers must make extra efforts to excavate live gemba 現場 resources straight from the source (Japanese firms overseas/Japan) and integrate them into intercultural theories and models from the West.

His workshop will evolve around:

  1. How are you adapting Western values when training Japanese businesses or students?

2.What can an intercultural business trainer for Japanese firms do to be truly helpful with their confused leadership presence torn between going western or retaining Japanese styles?

  1. Viewing Tak’s video interviews with senior managers in ASEAN and diagrams of Japanese philosophies. To be shared to the participants.
  2. Group discussion and Q&A

Presenter profile

Tak has lived in Kuala Lumpur for 17 years and written a dozen books including Winning Together at Japanese Companies and パパ、コーカサスオオカブトをとって!(Dad, catch me that Rhino beetle!).

To contact Tak Kawatani, email to: successjapan@outlook.com

For his latest activities, visit: https://www.successjapanseminars.com/

You may also want to join his group Success Japan Initiative: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13933717/

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