Retreat 2015

Invitation to SIETAR Retreat 2015 @ Karuizawa

If you are interested in this program, please download the application file and send it to
by October 25.

Date: November 14&15 (Sat.&Sun)

Location: Jochi Karuizawa Seminar House
Address: 8-30 Donan, Nagakura, Karuizawa zip 389-0111

Theme: ” Perception “

◆ Perception 1
Speaker: Professor Shoko Araki (J.F. Oberlin University)
Language: Japanese & English





Program Abstract: Communication is a process of structuring reality through perception and symbolization, it is important to find out how these processes work and how they are related. We create what we see.

◆ Perception 2
Speaker: Mr. Akira Kusaka (Executive Coach, Business Consultant)
Language: Japanese & English






Program Abstract: Whenever something new are presented to us, we are apt to ses it with preconception, stereotyping, and symbolizing. With continuous practice of drawing, you can build up your skills to see things as they really are.

Theme: “Buraku Minorities”

◆Buraku Minorities 1
Speaker: Ms. Tami Kamikawa (Founder of Buraku Heritage)
Program Abstract: Understanding Discrimination Against Burkaku: A Workshop for Beginners

◆Buraku Minorities 2
Speaker: Dr. Ryushi Uchida (Shokei Gakuin University)





Program Abstract: Deepening Our Understanding of Discrimination Against the Buraku as a Minority Group: Issues of Today and Future Challenges


1)members: ¥21,000
2)non-members: ¥23,000
3)students: ¥10,000

For reservations and inquiry :

◆Schedule Overview
November 14 (Sat)

12:00             :Registration
12:30-18:30  :Perception
※Networking Party after dinner

November 15 (Sun)

09:00-15:00  :Buraku Minorities

※This schedule may be changed by circumstance

SIETAR Internal relations directors: Keiko Kibe and TJ Kusaka

◆Retreat in Previous Years
2014 Retreat@Izu-Kogen


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