2013 Fall Retreat

SIETAR Retreat was held on November 23 and 24, 2013, at Oberlin University Izu Kogen Club.

2013Being fortunate with a gorgeous weather, we welcomed 5 new students as well as existing members. We started the program with a beautiful walk at Mt. Omuro, followed by 3 workshops and 1 film screening. Detail reports will be on the next Newsletter Spring 2014.

Mt. Omuro 1 English Rakugo IMG_0511 On the roof top 1

1. “Burnga” by Dr. Kyoko Yashiro
2. “Bilingual Rakugo” by Mr. Shinoharu Tatekawa
3. “Facial Muscle Training” by Ms. Mihcie Nakagawa

Film Screening:
Documentary: Recordings of Tohoku Korean School with the Great Earthquake (2011.3.15-3.20)
Facilitated by: Ms. Michiko Tomioka