Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

◆Co-Creative Dialogue (CCD)

The theoretical base of CCD, Co-Creative-Dialogue, is “On Dialogue” of David Bohm. Its activities are to be carried out according to the following steps.

① Participants’ drawing pictures metaphorically and making stories behind the pictures to express their own ideas

② Free dialogue among participants based on those pictures and stories

③ Participants’ obtaining hidden awareness of themselves

In order to further develop CCD activities, a monthly ZOOM dialogue meeting has been held among CCD members starting from January 2022, focusing on the urgent issue of “declining birthrate and aging population”.

Contact: akira.kusaka@gmail.com 

Contrast Culture Method (CCM)

CCM is an experiential intercultural training method developed in the 1960s by Dr. Edward Stewart. The method uses a role play of real-life situations, which is subsequently discussed and analyzed in depth. CCM is useful for raising participants’ awareness of cultural values and behavior which “contrasts” with their own. Participants often gain more insights about their own culture.

Contact: fujimotodonna@gmail.com

Living Within Diversity (LiDi)

◆Multisensory Approaches to Integral Intercultural Communication (MuSIIC)



Young SIETAR is one of the subgroups in SIETAR’s worldwide network that has begun to support young professionals in intercultural communication (including students and graduate students) regardless of age. Through this network, members build off one another and share contributions as professional interculturalists.

Young SIETAR Japan has begun once again, starting from the 2018 World Congress in Japan. The Young SIETAR Japan steering committee was established with a full support from the SIETAR Japan Steering Committee members.

Currently, we are held online program twice and three times in a year to have intercultural exchange and intercultural understanding. You will receive our program and events information through the official LINE and ML of Young SIETAR Japan. If you are interested in our activities, please feel free to contact us!

Young SIETAR Steering Committee Representative Mai OKADA

Contact: young@sietar-japan.org

Official LINE:http://nav.cx/k0tlyvh