SIETAR JAPAN welcomes all individuals and institutions involved or interested in intercultural communication. The members have an access to a wide spectrum of intercultural resources, information exchange and network in the field of intercultural communication. SIETAR JAPAN is a part of the SIETAR global network.

1. Membership benefits:
Entitled to all the benefits including reduced rates for monthly programs, praxis seminar, and annual conference; voting rights; right to apply to contribute to the Journal of Intercultural Communication and apply to present at the annual conference; free distribution of the Journal of Intercultural Communication (published annually, 2,000 yen), newsletter (published once a year, 500 yen per copy), and access to an online members’ directory.

2. For new membership:
Please send a completed Registration Form (Word or PDF) to SIETAR JAPAN Office by email. Payment instruction will be sent to your home address. Pay your registration fee and annual fee through postal transfer.

Membership is confirmed on completion of registration fee and annual fee payment. Registration fee and annual fee are non-refundable.

Send your registration to SIETAR JAPAN Office:

3. Fees:

Registration fee: 2,000 yen
Registration fee is charged to new members only.

Annual fees:

1. Regular member 10,000yen
Entitled to all the benefits including voting rights, newsletters, annual directory and reduced rates for monthly programs.

2. Student member 5,000yen
The same services as regular members at student rates.

3. Overseas member 15,000yen
 Applicable to people who live overseas. Entitled to the same benefits as regular member.

4. Corporate member 50,000yen
 Entitled to all the benefits plus free monthly programs up to five registered members.

5. Silver Membership is 5,000 yen
Silver Member: Members who are 70-years-old or older at the beginning of the new fiscal year beginning April 1 may have the same privileges as regular members at discounted silver member rates. To change membership status or join as a Silver Member, it is necessary for the individual to officially notify the SIETAR Japan office. Members who would like to change membership categories can check the Bylaws and contact the SIETAR Japan office at

– Our fiscal year starts on April 1, and ends on the following March 31.

4. Constitution & Bylaws:
1. SIETAR Japan Constitution

2. The bylaws of SIETAR Japan

5. For more registration information, contact:
Phone: 03-6824-9369
358-5 Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo