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SIETAR Japan Statement on Ukraine

We strongly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. SIETAR-Japan values diversity and
freedom of expression. Seeing the current unjustified war displacing millions of people from
their homes and attacks on civilians is an international action we feel compelled to speak
out against. War should be a thing of the past, not part of a world that respects diverse
opinions, multicultural identities and values freedom of choice. It destroys lives with very
few benefits to societies. We at SIETAR-Japan will continue to be allies to those who face
injustices such as those in Ukraine. It may seem like a distant issue that has little to do with
us; however, the world is a smaller place, and thus, small actions with others can produce
far-reaching results. For more information, we can begin by educating ourselves more and
taking advantage of the worldwide SIETAR network.

March 5, 2022


SIETAR Japan statement in Solidarity with Myanmar, as the violence against civilian protesters continues.

In Solidarity with Myanmar, as the violence against civilian protesters continues.

SIETAR Japan is outraged by the military coup in Myanmar which occurred in February 2021, and the continuing indiscriminate violence against civilian protesters. We are shocked and disheartened by the rising number of people being killed, injured, detained, and displaced. At the same time, we are truly inspired by the huge numbers of protesters from nearly every state and region in Myanmar, who have not backed down in the face of the military’s ongoing systemic brutality.

As an organization that values human rights and democracy, we believe that the people of Myanmar have the fundamental right to self-determination through a democratic legal process. We respect and support the courage of Myanmar’s ethnically diverse groups that are forming new alliances and challenging the international community to refuse to be complacent in the face of this breach of liberty. Thus, we, the steering committee of SIETAR Japan, stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar in their protests against this grave human rights violation.

In the name of SIETAR Japan members

March 31, 2021


SIETAR Japan Statement in Solidarity with Anti-Racism Protests

Over the past several weeks, the world has expressed outrage over the killing of George Floyd and countless unarmed others who have died at the hands of police. Floyd’s death has sparked a wave of mass anti-racism demonstrations in the U.S. and around the world, calling for justice and reform. We at SIETAR Japan are deeply moved and energized by the unity of thousands of people, and stand in solidarity with this movement in the fight against racism and injustice in Japan and around the world.

 As global citizens, we recognize that the issues surrounding interpersonal, institutional, and cultural oppression are deeply interconnected and are relevant to anyone regardless of where we live. As much as the focus is on the injustices overseas, we believe we need to also look inward and to reflect on these issues as individuals and as a society in the Japanese context. Japanese society has not always been welcoming to those who are considered “different,” despite our priding ourselves as “good” and “decent” people. We have often remained complicit in the face of violations of human rights and have not done enough to raise our voices.

 SIETAR Japan has long been doing the work of promoting diversity and inclusion, but we recognize that we must do more, and to acknowledge that anti-racist work is ongoing. We as a group must continue to work to provide the necessary research, theories, and educational tools that allow us to not only recognize injustice but also to raise our voices and to take action. We will continue to work towards a more just and equitable world for our communities to create a multicultural, inclusive society.

 August 7, 2020

Makiko Deguchi
President, SIETAR Japan

SIETAR Japan Steering Committee