SIETAR Japan annually publishes our peer-reviewed (double-blind) academic journal, the “Journal of Intercultural Communication.”

◆ We wish to announce to SIETAR Japan members a Call for Papers for Issue #22 of the Journal of Intercultural Communication.

Manuscripts must be received by September 15, 2018 (Saturday).

Please see the below for the latest application overview.
Journal of Intercultural Communication Issue #22 Call for Papers
Rules for Manuscript Submission
Guidelines for Authors
Cover sheet
Submission checklist
Template for Manuscripts
Template for Abstracts

※Please click here to view the Call for Papers and Manuscript Guidelines for Japanese papers.

◆SIETAR Japan 30th Anniversary DVD Collection of Past Journals Now Available 

If you would like to purchase our DVD which contains the entire collection of articles from the Journal of Intercultural Communication from issues No. 1 to No. 17, it is available for the price of 12,000 yen (mailing cost not included).
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◆ Index of the past journals can be viewed by clicking the following links.

Journal of Intercultural Communication

2018 No.21 (Latest) *Written in English

[Keynote Speeches at 2017 Conference]

Realizing White and Male Privilege in Schooling and Society
Peggy McIntosh 1

White Racial Identity Theory: Why White People Do Not Talk About Race
(with Implications for Japanese)
Janet Helms 7

[Research Articles]

A New Framework of Workplace Acculturation:
The Need to Belong and Constructing Ontological Interpretive Spaces
Adam Komisarof 15

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Argument Structures: Korea, Japan, and the United States
Shinobu Suzuki, Sang-chul Lee 39

Essentialism in the Concept of Culture: Gauging Belief
Nicholas Bradley 55

Cultural Construction of Self-Hood in Japan and Western-European Contexts and
Practical Implications for Intercultural Relationships
Chrystabel Butler 77

[Research Notes]

Perspective Transformation of Parent–Child Relationships in Zainichi Korean Families:
A Life Story From the Second Generation
Junko Saruhashi 93

Why do Japanese University Students Study Intercultural Communication?:
A Study Focusing on Learning Motivation Models
Noriko Nakagawa 111

The Process by Which University Students Find Meaning in Overseas Exchange
Experiences During High School: Towards Better Support for Study Abroad Returnees
Aya Iwamoto 129

Causal Attribution, Conflict Resolution Strategies, and Marital Satisfaction in
Conflict Among Japanese-Korean Married Couples
Eri Hirai 143

[Book reviews]

春風社 2016年
Reviewed by Kiyoko Sueda 155

Vanderheiden, E. and Mayer, C.-H. (Editors) (2017)
The Value of Shame: Exploring a Health Resource in Cultural Contexts
Berlin: Springer.
Reviewed by Kiyoko Sueda 159

Schnurr, S. and Zayts, O. (Editors) (2017)
Language and Culture at Work
Abingdon/NY: Routledge.
Reviewed by Xiaochuan Zhao 165

Gkonou, C. Daubney, M., and Dewaele, J.-M. (Editors) (2017)
New Insights into Language Anxiety: Theory, Research and Educational Implications
Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.
Reviewed by Kate Maher 167


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