SIETAR Japan annually publishes our peer-reviewed (double-blind) academic journal, the “Journal of Intercultural Communication.”

◆Journal of Intercultural Communication
We wish to announce to SIETAR Japan members a Call for Papers for Issue #25 of the Journal of Intercultural Communication. We strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to submit your research results. Manuscripts must be received by January 15, 2022 (Saturday).

Please see the following documents related to our latest Call for Papers.

Journal of Intercultural Communication Issue #25 Call for Papers
Rules for Manuscript Submission
Cover sheet
Submission checklist
Template for Manuscripts
Template for Abstracts

※Please click here to view the Call for Papers and Manuscript Guidelines for Japanese papers.

◆SIETAR Japan 30th Anniversary DVD Collection of Past Journals  –  Now Available 

If you would like to purchase our DVD, which contains the entire collection of articles from the Journal of Intercultural Communication from issues No. 1 to No. 17, it is available for the price of 12,000 yen (mailing cost not included).
Please send an email to SIETAR JAPAN Office at Kokusai Bunken at
and the office will provide you with payment instructions.

◆ Index of the past journals can be viewed by clicking the following links.

Journal of Intercultural Communication

2020 No.23 (Latest) *=Written in English

[Invited Paper]

Addressing Men in Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Presentations:
Lessons Learned from Working with United States Universities and Military
Christopher T. Kilmartin

[Research Articles]

Culture and Argument: A Review
Shinobu Suzuki

Could That Be Me? Gender and Racial Representations in Japanese Television Commercials
Erina Ogawa

[Research Notes]

Foreign Students’ Part-Time Job Experiences: Paving the Way for their Employment in Japan
Izumi Funayama and Kumiko Tsutsui

How Native Japanese Speakers Choose to Explain Things to Non-native Japanese Speakers:
A Comparative Study Based on Level of Experience
Ikumi Ando

[Book Reviews]

Kyoko Yashiro (Ed.) Yoshiko Higuchi, Akira Kusaka, and Eriko Katsumata (2019).
アクティブラーニングで学ぶコミュニケーション.Tokyo: Kenkyusha.
Reviewed by Masami Okubo

Katsumata Eriko, Shibuya Miki, Furuya Tomoko, Maekawa Shizu, and Mori Yukio (2018)
プレゼンテーションの基本 協働学習で学ぶスピーチ―型にはまるな、異なれ!―.
Tokyo: Bonjinsha.
Reviewed by Deguchi Tomomi

Yukiko Sasaki. (2019)
地球には、こんなところも!:こけしふたりの世界漫遊記.Tokyo: Bungeisha.
Reviewed by Kaoru Yamamoto

Tuula Lindholm and Johanne Mednick Myles (2019)
Navigating the Intercultural Classroom. Alexandria, VA and Washigton, DC:
TESOL Press and NAFSA Publishers.
Reviewed by Brad Deacon

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