SIETAR Japan annually publishes our peer-reviewed (double-blind) academic journal, the “Journal of Intercultural Communication.”

Journal of Intercultural Communication: Change in Publication Dates

In response to requests from members, the SIETAR Japan Steering Committee `has decided to change the date of publication of our journal from May to June. This will allow authors to submit papers after our annual conference, allowing them to incorporate suggestions from conference attendees. We hope this will encourage you to consider submitting your research/fieldwork and practice reports/reviews to our journal.

A Call for Papers will be issued in due course. For now, we just wanted to let you know that, from now on, you can expect a deadline for the submission of papers and reviews in mid-January and a publication date in mid-June each year.

Please see the below for the latest application overview.

Rules for Manuscript Submission
Cover sheet
Submission checklist
Template for Manuscripts
Template for Abstracts

※Please click here to view the Call for Papers and Manuscript Guidelines for Japanese papers.

◆SIETAR Japan 30th Anniversary DVD Collection of Past Journals Now Available 

If you would like to purchase our DVD, which contains the entire collection of articles from the Journal of Intercultural Communication from issues No. 1 to No. 17, it is available for the price of 12,000 yen (mailing cost not included).
Please send an email to SIETAR JAPAN Office at Kokusai Bunken at
and the office will provide you with payment instructions.

◆ Index of the past journals can be viewed by clicking the following links.

Journal of Intercultural Communication

2019 No.22 (Latest) *=Written in English

[Invited Papers]

*Facing Uncertain Times Together: Strengthening Intercultural Connections
Peter T. Coleman and Becca Bass 1

*Forget-Me-Nots of Yesterday … Memories of Tomorrow: Key Outcomes of Past Struggles and Dreams of Future Connections
Clifford H. Clarke 15

Considering Intercultural Communication from English Education Policy: Looking for Clues from Plurilingualism/Pluriculturalism
Kumiko Torikai 25

[Research Article]

*Japanese and Korean University Students’ Reflections on Collaborative Work in Shanghai: A Mixed Methods Study
Tomoko Yoshida, Yusen Luo, and Kyoung-Ah Nam 49

[Research Notes]

*Foreign Assistant Language Teachers’ Identity Formation for Surviving in Japanese School Culture
Mika Ishino 73

*Gaps in Intercultural Understanding During Interactions: Insight Analysis of Japanese and American University Students
Sachie Banks and Yuka Matsuhashi 73

[Reports on Fieldwork or Practice]

Impact of Muslim International Students’ Speeches on Japanese University Students: An Awareness Survey Conducted by Questionnaire and Individual Reports
Tomoko Sonoda 101

Creating Alternative Contexts: A Context Shifting Exercise
Shizu Yamamoto 115

[Book reviews]

*Ferri, Giuliana (2018)
Intercultural Communication: Critical Approaches and Future Challenges.
Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.
Reviewed by Daniel Velasco 133

*Spencer-Oatey, Helen and Franklin, Peter (2009)
Intercultural Interaction: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Intercultural Communication.
Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
Reviewed by Mohamed Fassali 137

Prasad, Pushkala (2018) Minoura, Yasuko; Machi, Eriko; Asai, Akiko; Yamashita, Miki; Isa, Masako; Tokitsu, Tomoko; Fujita-Round, Sachiyo; Kishi, Makiko; Nadamitsu, Yoko; Iwata, Yuko; Taniguchi, Akiko; Kodaka, Sahomi; and Shibayama, Makoto (Trans.).
Tokyo: Nakanishiya.
Reviewed by Taketo Ishiguro 141

Abe, David K. (2017)
Rural Isolation and Dual Cultural Existence: The Japanese-American Kona Coffee Community.
Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.
Reviewed by Matthew Kunce 145

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