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Thanks to all of you, the 37th SIETAR Japan Online Conference has ended successfully .
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated and cooperated.
We appreciate your feedback!
Please click on the feedback survey link and send your comments.

**2022 Annual Conference site is here **

Dear SIETAR Japan Members,

Happy November!

The 37th SIETAR Japan Online Conference November 26 – 27, 2022

Living in the “in-between”: Exploring multicultural identities and belonging

*Participants can attend the Keynote Sessions for only 1500 yen.
◎Keynote-only attendees may access both the Japanese and English Keynotes
To register:

Saturday, November 26 13:30-15:30)
Reiko Ogawa  (Chiba University )
Consultant to Immigration Bureau and former Chair of Immigration Policy Society

Sunday, November 27 9:00-11:00
Neelam Sahota ニーラム・サホタ
CEO of DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society, BC, Canada

Lisa Rogers & Michi Saki
Conference Chairs


37th SIETAR Japan Annual Conference website:



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We look forward to seeing you at the conference!



Conference Chairs

Michi Saki (Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts)


Lisa Rogers  (Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts)

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◆Call for proposals Extension ( Closed)

Due to complications caused by the recent surge in  COVID-19 cases in Japan,  the presentation submissions deadline for the 37th Annual Conference of SIETAR Japan has been extended. Proposals submitted using the following link will be accepted until 11:59 PM of Aug. 9 (Tue.) Japan time.

You will need your 8-digit membership number indicated on the address label on envelopes from SIETAR Japan.  If you cannot locate your Membership Number, please contact



◆Call for Proposals for the 37th (2022) Annual Conference of SIETAR Japan

Theme: Living in the “in-between”: Exploring multicultural identities and belonging
November 26-27, 2022

SIETAR Japan will hold its 37th Annual Conference on-line on November 26 (Saturday) – 27 (Sunday), 2022. This year’s conference will focus on the ways we negotiate different cultures within our workplace, our local communities and our families. We are seeking proposals that are related to the field of intercultural communication and/or reflect the conference theme. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Conference Chairs:
Michi Saki & Lisa Rogers (both Doshisha Women’s College)

Main presenters must be members of SIETAR Japan:
Proposals must be submitted using the following Google Form link:

You will be asked to fill in the following information.
1. The name of the first presenter (for group presentations, list the names of all the presenters)
2. Affiliation (for group presentations, list the affiliations of all the presenters)
3. Contact telephone number for first presenter, and e-mail addresses for all presenters
4. Your 8-digit membership number indicated on the address label on envelopes from SIETAR Japan. If you cannot locate your Membership Number, please contact
5. Title of presentation (15-word limit) The title should be in the language of the presentation. Please note that the title cannot be changed after submission
6. Languages to be used: English, Japanese, or both. For on-line workshops, please write the maximum number of people who can participate.
7. Description/abstract (English: 300 words, Japanese: 900 characters). Your proposal cannot be changed after submission.
8. Types of presentations
a. On-line presentation (Research presentation or Report on practice and activities) (30 minutes)
For research presentations, submissions are reviewed based on whether the topic is appropriate for the conference/theme, and whether the objective, rationale, methodology, and conclusion are clearly stated. For Reports on practices and activities, submissions are reviewed based on whether practices (e.g., facilitation in a multicultural workplace) and/or pedagogical activities (e.g., a collaborative research project with international students) are related to intercultural communication and/or the conference theme.
b. On-line workshop(110 minutes)
Submissions are reviewed based on whether the workshop provides experiential learning for acquiring problem-solving and/or other intercultural skills.
c. On-line poster/video presentation (Academic research or Report on practice & activities; non-
members eligible if recommended by a SIETAR member) Guidelines will be available on the
submissions Google Form
Submissions are reviewed based on whether the research topic is related to intercultural communication and/or the conference theme and whether it is appropriately explained.

*Please note:
(1) In addition to content, proposals will be evaluated in terms of grammar, spelling, clarity and logic.
(2) Each presenter can present as first presenter only once during the conference.
(3) We may ask you to change the type of your presentation (for example, from research presentation to report on practice and activities) as a result of the review.
(4) The Conference Program Committee may ask you to rewrite or modify the proposal if deemed necessary.
(5) We will not provide reasons for acceptance or rejection of your submission.

If you have inquiries, please contact

Requirements: All presenters are expected to pay the full conference fee (announced shortly).
First presenters (as indicated in Item 1) MUST be members of SIETAR Japan or another SIETAR organization.

Membership: For presenters who reside in Japan: You must apply for membership of SIETAR Japan before June 30 (Thursday), and the deadline for your membership payment is July 8 (Friday) to ensure that your membership information has been processed and that you have a membership number (required for submission). If you are not a SIETAR Japan (SJ) member but live overseas and belong to another SIETAR organization, we will welcome you to participate in our conference on the same basis as SJ members. Please enter the name of your SIETAR organization and your membership number in the appropriate section when submitting.

Submission Period: July 1 (Fri.), 2022 – July 31 (Sun.), 2022
* Please note that no proposals will be accepted after the deadline of midnight JST, July 31 (Sun.), 2022.
After submitting your proposal via the conference website, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. If there is no confirmation within a week, please contact

You will be notified separately of whether your proposal has been accepted by September 30 (Fri.).


◆Annual Conferences in Previous Years

2021(Theme:”Collaboration and Leadership in Intercultural Contexts.”)
2020 (Theme:
Reimagining the Intercultural Landscape in Times of Adversity.”)
2019 (Theme: “Promoting Gender Equity through Education, Training, and Research: Examining Masculinity and Male Privilege.”)

2018 (Theme: “Facing Uncertain Times Together: Strengthening Intercultural Connections”)

2017 (Theme: “Promoting Equity and Social Change: Acknowledging the Diversity Within”)
2016 (Theme:“Building a Community of Diversity: Intercultural Competence through Active Learning”)
2015 (Theme: “Critical Reflections on War and Peace: Dialogue for the Future”)
2014 (Theme: “Diversity and Social Justice: Toward a More Inclusive Society”)

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