Annual Conference

◆2021 Annual Conference Updated!


It is with great pleasure that SIETAR Japan invites you to our 36th Annual Conference.

Theme:  Collaboration and Leadership in Intercultural Contexts

Date:       November 27 (Saturday) and 28 (Sunday), 2021

Venue:    Online

Call for proposals: July 1 (Thurs) to July 31 (Sat) 23:59(JST)

Registration: SIETAR Members from any region ¥3,000

Non-members ¥5,000/ Students (with valid ID) Free


SIETAR Japan is seeking proposals that are related to the field of intercultural communication and/or reflect the conference theme. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Membership required.  For presenters who reside in Japan: You must apply for Membership of SIETAR Japan before June 20 (Sunday), and the deadline for your membership payment is June 30 (Wednesday) to ensure that your membership information has been processed and that you have a Membership number (required for submission). If you are not an SIETAR Japan (SJ) member but belong to another SIETAR organization, we welcome you to participate in our conference on the same basis as SJ members. Please enter the name of your SIETAR organization and your membership number in the appropriate section when submitting.  

Any inquiries regarding membership should be directed to

The 36th (2021) Annual Conference of SIETAR Japan Theme: “Leadership and Collaboration in Intercultural Contexts”

November 27-28, 2021

We are pleased to inform you the 36th SIETAR Japan conference website is open for proposal submission until midnight JST on July 31st, 2021. (

Please Scroll down for detailed instructions on how to submit on the conference website( .

Please note that first presenters MUST be members of SIETAR Japan or another SIETAR organization from around the world. The deadline for membership application is past and no exceptions will be made.

We are looking forward to receiving proposals from members of the SIETAR Japan and global SIETAR’s.

Conference Chairs: Soyhan Egitim (Toyo University), Shizu Maekawa (Rikkyo University)




Proposal Submission

Step 1

Please go to and click Log In.



Step 2

Create your account by putting in to your name, email address, and password. If you already have a Gmail account, we strongly recommend using your Gmail account for easy registration. With one click on the  icon, and select your Gmail address.


You’ll be automatically registered on the website.


Step 3

Next, please click on the green SI icon.


Step 4

Then, you’ll see the submissions tab on the home page. Click that and select “Regular Submission” either for English or 日本語. After that, click “go to Submission Form”.


Step 5

When you fill out the Submission Form, please be sure to enter your SIETAR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER in the membership number box.

Step 5

When you fill out the Submission Form, please be sure to enter your SIETAR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER in the membership number box. If you belong to a SIETAR organization other than SIETAR Japan, please also input the organization name into the membership box.  

If you are applying for SIETAR membership, and wish to submit a proposal, please make sure to input your membership number as soon as you receive it.

* Membership is required for first presenters only. During the proposal submission stage, co-presenter information is not required.

  • Title (Presentation title) * The presentation title should be written in the language used.
  • Abstract (Summary of contents) * The abstract of contents should be 300 words or less in English and 900 characters or less in Japanese.
  • Keywords
  • Session Type (presentation format) <selection>

Please clarify the following points in “Notes” if necessary.

  • If you are a non-member but applying for a poster session, please write the full name of the person who has recommended you.
  • For those who wish to present in both Japanese and English, please specify the language as both Japanese and English.
  • For limited registration, please clarify the maximum number of participants you wish to allow for your online workshop.

Step 6


Please click the Submit button

* During the application period (July 1st to July 31st), you can go to the conference website and edit your proposal. Once it’s past 23:59 on July 31st, the peer-review process will start and thus, you can no longer edit your proposal. Please make sure to keep a copy of your original proposal.

Once your application is submitted, “Your submission was successful” notice should appear on the screen. The results of the peer review (pass / fail) will be announced by Thursday, September 30, 2021. For other inquiries regarding proposals, please refer to Contact on the conference website or use the conference email address to reach us.

* Conference email address:

* Inquiries about membership fees or membership numbers:

This is our second year online, and we look forward to meeting everyone virtually once again.

◆Annual Conferences in Previous Years

2020 (Theme: Reimagining the Intercultural Landscape in Times of Adversity.”)
2019 (Theme: “Promoting Gender Equity through Education, Training, and Research: Examining Masculinity and Male Privilege.”)

2018 (Theme: “Facing Uncertain Times Together: Strengthening Intercultural Connections”)

2017 (Theme: “Promoting Equity and Social Change: Acknowledging the Diversity Within”)
2016 (Theme:“Building a Community of Diversity: Intercultural Competence through Active Learning”)
2015 (Theme: “Critical Reflections on War and Peace: Dialogue for the Future”)
2014 (Theme: “Diversity and Social Justice: Toward a More Inclusive Society”)

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